Healthy green, orange & blue

Healthy Frying

What’s healthy about the new Romi products? Firstly, Romi frying products have very low levels of bad for you trans fats and saturated fatty acids reducing the risk of cardio-vascular disease. Romi products are also rich in unsaturated fatty acids; they are a source of food designed to build up and maintain the body. Romi puts you one step ahead of the international guidelines for healthy eating, making every day a Healthy Fry Day.

Delicious Frying

Tastes vary; where one person may love French fries, the next will prefer Belgian fries. And what’s true of fries and snacks is also true of the product they are fried in. Romi therefore offers a selection of 3 products, each with an authentic taste and aroma. Healthy Green includes all the goodness of sunflower and rapeseed oil; Healthy Orange is prepared with Sustainable Palm Oil (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Certified); and Romi Healthy Blue offers the traditional taste and aroma inclusive of real beef dripping.

Profitable Frying

Romi frying products are highly heat resistant, which means you can use them for sustained frying. The secret lies in the unique blend of the best ingredients designed to match customers’ tastes, and meet your requirements as a successful business person. Romi supports its users with an attractive range of promotional materials designed to put your business right on the map as a healthy food outlet for both existing and new customers. We call that Healthy Business.

Product information:

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