A Healthy Business

Romi, the no. 1 in Healthy Frying, is synonymous with carefree indulgence for you and your customers; now and in the future. Even Romi’s packaging is produced in a responsible way, and is completely recyclable. The same principle applies to your personal Everyday a Healthy Fry Day promotional materials:

    • an advertisement to draw people in designed for
       use in your local media
    • an ‘open for healthy business’ window display for
       your entrance
    • party flags for a festive launch in your business
    • a Healthy Frying certificate to promote confidence
       in your healthy business
    • a fresh counter-top display with persuasive
       consumer flyers

Please use the Healthy Downloads button to download images of these products as well as the new Romi logo and the pack shots, thus enabling you to view them in detail.

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